Disk Space Clean Clear


Find and get rid of junk files on your hard disk


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When you install and uninstall programs, they never completely disappear, leaving junk traces on the hard disk of your computer.

Disk Space Clean Clear is an easy and quick tool that will find up to 81 types of junk files kept in the memory of your computer.

This cleaner is a powerful tool for getting rid of anything unnecessary on your hard drive; it clears up space on your hard drive in a moment. The tool is so simple that users won’t have difficulties getting rid of unnecessary temporary files, caches, and cookies that slow down your system. It's an excellent way to keep your hard disk as good as new.

Disk Space Clean Clear uses a high-performance detection algorithm that quickly identifies invalid files on your hard drive. All problems caused by incorrectly uninstalling software, or by installing programs with errors, will disappear.

Disk Space Clean Clear will scan your entire hard drive, and it will give you a list of the junk files found, so that you can either manually choose which files you would like to clear, or delete all of them automatically at once.
By Álvaro Toledo

The trial version eliminates up to 18 types of junk files.

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